About Us

Mappsolutely creates and implements affordable mobile apps for small businesses. Mappsolutely was started due to the need in the marketplace for small businesses to get aboard the mobile app train. In times past, mobile app deployment wasn’t possible for businesses with limited resources. Mobile app development was only geared toward fortune 500 companies or companies who were willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money. So, we decided to do something about this.

We created our own proprietary platform which allows for us to create mobile apps for small business in an affordable and timely fashion. Whether you are a restaurant, doctor, lawyer, athlete, entertainer or radio station, we have you covered. We guarantee your app won’t cost you a fortune and furthermore that it will be done in a week.* With our platform even the end user can make changes to such things as content, specials and even send push notifications.

App will be created within a 7 day window, but still needs to be accepted by itunes/android which can sometimes take up to 21 days