Build An App That Guarantees Downloads

It’s easier than ever to build an app, and the practicality of the venture has never been more clear. With the increasing emergence of mobile-centered technologies spilling over into the daily life of most consumers, there’s little need to convince business-owners of the marketing influence a value-added app can secure. The thought that’s put into a company app is essential, but it’s not as intimidating to design an app as it might have been several years ago. While the actual production of an application is best left to the experts if suitable techies aren’t in the company roster, the laying of the app’s original blueprint starts with fairly standard marketing concerns.

What Value Can The App Extend?

Without downloads, an app is useless to a marketing campaign. Mobile marketing techniques are identical in purpose to traditional methods. Identifying the customer benefit and driving the point home is crucial. What value can your app realistically deliver? Do you have a busy customer base that would appreciate a one-touch option that calls your customer service line? Could interactive directions to your store locations benefit customers? What about a discount code that only activates within the app if a customer has arrived at your store? Alternatively, an in-app mobile store that’s compatible with your real-world or online store could save customers time with one-click purchases and mobile pay options. Pinpointing a problem your app can solve is important when you’re drawing up your initial plans.

Will Social Media Help Or Hinder The App?

Social Media commands an impressive amount of attention among people from all walks of life. Designing your app to tap into the mass fascination with 140-character statuses and enormous networks of “friends” and family can activate the crowdsourcing potential of the medium. If your target audience is also partial to personalization, make sure your app greets them by the name they provided at sign-up when they launch it.

Build an app that lets your “chatty” clients talk your product into the realms of viral notoriety or fame. If your research has identified a gaming majority in your client-base, create a simple game with several levels that extend real world incentives to help crowd-source your brand. Allow them to build up points in the app for each hour of use, and make the points redeemable for products or significant discounts.

And, most simply, be sure to include a “share” button when your app is extending something users will want to tell their social networks about quickly and easily.

Would It Integrate Well With A QR code campaign?

Apps and QR codes play very nicely together. You can build an app that sends periodic clues to new code-locations where major discounts are a mobile scan away. Likewise, some of your google codes can send users to hidden downloads of “lite” versions or the secret game levels of your premium apps.

Would It Need Updates?

You should know within the first month or two if your app will be update-intensive. Track the number of downloads you receive and where they come from. If there a lot of removals, analyze what mobiles are removing the app. Check your market comments, see what your developer needs to trouble-shoot, and decide whether or not a major update will be necessary to address an issue. Providing a suggestion box for improvements your clients and future clients are looking for can also help you decide how often you’ll want to issue new release versions.

Apps need fresh ideas that provide value, wise development, and strong marketing campaigns that drive downloads to succeed. Thoroughly analyzing your customer’s needs is the first crucial step that should be taken before approaching a development company to “build an app” for you.